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5th Grundtvig D.I.Y. Meeting 7-9.11 2011  Premarts, Berlin

Hosted by Kulturpark 3000 e.V. , representatives from SWM, Fair Tunes, Archway Studios  and Non Grata dropped in. The main idea behind this meeting was that all the partners collect ideas and materials together for the upcoming Grundtvig D.I.Y. manifestation in Tartu, Estonia at the "Liquidation of Art Academies" festival. 
At the same time a chance for Czentrifuga to collect more ideas and impressions about the other partners organisations and how to best combine the essential  elements in our collaborative ongoing screenprint D.I.Y. manual "Cosmic Hospital" 

In this sense, the bare white walls of the Premarts Gallery in Kreuzberg were a perfect backdrop for us to hang prints or video project information  representing  the different partners as well as a  backdrop  and an opportunity  for  brainstorming  together with the visiting partners and the  people  visiting the gallery exhibition. 

Source Material 
Gabba  instigatated  an ongoing  sketch making "Skizzos" workshop  which is a good and easy way  to get people involved by simply placing a few  pencils and  paper to hand  and then  to see how  the resulting  spontaneous collective  ideas  are cut and pasted together , transformed and  amalgamated as physical product  through the magic of  screen printing!

Al from Non Grata introduced us to an Estonian connection who specialises in  PDF to book  production. Now, some few months after the meeting, you can see some great results by Beat and Damien from Czentrifuga. Heres a link to some of the posters and manual pages in progress from the ever expanding Grundtvig Art catalogue!

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