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Grundtvig D.I.Y. / SWM Gizycko at WiatrakArt Gradzkie
Poland  16 – 22.07.2011

The 4th Common Meeting of the Grundtvig D.I.Y. European Learning Partnership was organized from 16th to 22 July 2011 by SWM- Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mazurska [Giżycko] and WatrakArt [Grądzkie] in Poland. SWM Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mazurska [Association Masurian Community] is an association which was established in 1991. In the nineties our activity was dedicated to the topic of “confrontation with our ethnic identity as Masurian”, and our aim was the protection of our cultural heritage. In 2007 a generation exchange took place, since then  we match our aim with the challenges of  todays world. Our informal partner is “WiatrakArt” Grądzkie [Kasia, Zyga, Karolina and Antek Waraksa], an art collective that is occupied mainly with poetry. Their means of expression are music, painting, icon writing and theatre performance.

We are committed to enhancing and deepening the quality of participation in culture. We pay close attention also to the publishing activities in the sphere of science and organic development in the Masuria region. The SWM  aims are pursued through the organization of "events" in the field of culture and art (the organization of concerts, exhibitions and other artistic activities), and wide-ranging environmental education and action to protect the environment. An important element of our business is cooperation and exchanges with other NGOs, who, like us, believe that the arts and education are able to fix the world....

Because the ‘little blue house’- our Jazz club and gallery space  in Giżycko and also the seat of  the SWM association,  has been rendered  un-usable since a  fire in the beginning of 2011, we decided to move the location of this Grundtvig D.I.Y. fourth meeting  to our friends  Wiatrak Artystyczny in nearby Grądzkie  in the magical heath and wild pasture next to the Wiatrak (Windmill). The Topic of the fourth meeting was „Fish in the Water“. Our region is essentially related with (still) wild nature and water (terrain of thousand lakes) and that is why we are looking for a prominent symbol of our region, which is settled in its natural environment. Theres no  no clearer and simple sign than the fish. Primacy in its primeval surroundings. A metaphor….

The purpose of the meeting was  to present our Masuren organizations to our new European  partners and introduce them  into our work and agenda. The main ongoing  activities were  in   the form of laminate workshops and participation, preparation and implementation of the concerts and theatre performances.

The meeting was attended by
Unter Druck e.V. Kultur von der Strasse e.V./Czentrifuga - Berlin, Germany
Gabba, Coost, Beat, Peter Rampazzo
Academia Gustviana Selts - Pärnu, Estonia
Al, Taje, Meeli, Ville and Cädly
Motorschiff Stubnitz e.V. - Rostok, Germany
Aaron, Silly, Bördiy
Kulturpark 3000 e.V. - Bad Salzuflen, Germany
Stephan, Alice, Kito, Margita.
Slam, organizacna jednotka obcianskeho zdruzenia "Fleda" - Turany, Slowakei

Tent clubbing:  
Two large  "pioneer" tents (the old Eastern European communist version of  boy scouts) were built around a central point in  the are of the windmill festival.  The one tent  served as workshop room and the other as a little mobile D.I.Y. gallery space. Pieces of work were exhibited by Czentrifuga.  The  setting for the meeting  was the Wiatrak Poetry festival which has been taking place annually for 16 years and presented by the Waraksa family featuring artists from  across Poland and neigbouring regions.
A small camp was provided for the Grundtvigians in the meadow in front of the windmill with a field kitchen and electricity supply. The kitchen was supplied with provisions and beverages every day and every afternoon there was a warm supper. The participants also prepared warm dishes on their own, which  served for a tasty  culinary exchange of experiences ( and the unforgettable "Schmorgurken" of Bördi and Silly !]
 The temporary encampment  was also equipped with provisional shower cabin, two ‘washbasins’ and one ‘WC shed’ with running water. During the building of this , an underground pipe burst which meant digging some several meters down  to isolate and fix the problem and  resulted  in the creation of  a small but deep pond directly  next to the main public way to the windmill event location.This new landmark served as a scenario for an interesting and at the same time quickly improvised performance by  Coost [see: film ‘Fish in The Water’].

The majority of the participants decided to spend the night on the campsite. Some also took advantage of nearby rooms in the little guest house in the village. That was for the benefit of charming night walks and for  integration of the Grundtvig teams also. Peter Rampazzo and Christoph designed and prepared a fire installation using  3 cubic meter of prepared wood. The practical lessons in chopping wood, campfire, fire lighting and fire keeping (to the dawn) also took place. The campfire served as central point for the Grundtvigsmeeting, where all people  meet, eat and discuss together and where main culture and thought exchange took place.

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