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24.07 2012 Grundtvig D.I.Y. Closing Meeting 
on board MS Stubnitz,
Royal Victoria Docks , London

As we approach the end of this two year project, we agreed it fitting,  to  meet on board MS Stubnitz  to  look at  parts of the project evaluation and the final report. We also  wanted to use the opportunity to meet with Fair Tunes to check out how they could be involved in the new partnership despite the fact that  they did not get any continued  funding - which we did not expect. The occasion was also an opportunity to plug in with the Stubnitz crew in their great new adventure and massive trans-european mobility of a 48 strong crew of teachers and learners from the continent to the island.
In its impressive new surroundings in Londons East End Docklands, the MS Stubnitz had its  fair share of problems, firstly, to physically sail into the docklands area known as London Pleasure Gardens , where a new pontoon crossing bridge had been erected especially for the impending Olympic Games , allowing only the smallest of gaps for the 2500 ton ship (90cm on each side) and the grace of the wind (the main engine is switched off as tug boats manoeuvre the “dead ship” through the dockland waterways)
Hosts for the Stubnitz visit were the Bloc organisation and a two day electronic music festival, with a line up which included Steve Reich, Amon Tobin and Shackleton were planned . However, after only a few hours of opening, the event was closed down at the request of the organisers due to security errors leading to dangerous overcrowding, leaving some 20 thousand disappointed guests out in the rain...

Light installation at the cancelled Bloc Festival

The Stubnitz, after undergoing a small financial disaster because of the cancelled festival and loss of income to “pay the gas home”, together with its crew of volunteers is miraculously still in London , without official funding and “without perspective” , yet still making cultural events after twenty years.

Meanwhile, from the legacy of “ Grundtvig D.I.Y. - Do it Yourself! - Self Empowerment Through Skill Sharing” Czentrifuga , Kulturpark 3000 and WSPN in Poland reconstitute together with new learning partners “Association Spiral Tribe” in France and Druckerei Reitschule in Bern (with perhaps more partners to be verified) as the “D.I.Y. Skill Sharing Network” with a first meeting already planned in September  2012 . One network is imagined to merge organically into the next as old and new partners become introduced amongst themselves, share and utilise each others skill sets and the knowledge that is “learnt by doing”. to be continued....

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Grundtvig DIY at 3rd Tartu International Graphics Festival
19-21.01 2012 Estonia


5th Grundtvig D.I.Y. Meeting 7-9.11 2011  Premarts, Berlin

Hosted by Kulturpark 3000 e.V. , representatives from SWM, Fair Tunes, Archway Studios  and Non Grata dropped in. The main idea behind this meeting was that all the partners collect ideas and materials together for the upcoming Grundtvig D.I.Y. manifestation in Tartu, Estonia at the "Liquidation of Art Academies" festival. 
At the same time a chance for Czentrifuga to collect more ideas and impressions about the other partners organisations and how to best combine the essential  elements in our collaborative ongoing screenprint D.I.Y. manual "Cosmic Hospital" 

In this sense, the bare white walls of the Premarts Gallery in Kreuzberg were a perfect backdrop for us to hang prints or video project information  representing  the different partners as well as a  backdrop  and an opportunity  for  brainstorming  together with the visiting partners and the  people  visiting the gallery exhibition. 

Source Material 
Gabba  instigatated  an ongoing  sketch making "Skizzos" workshop  which is a good and easy way  to get people involved by simply placing a few  pencils and  paper to hand  and then  to see how  the resulting  spontaneous collective  ideas  are cut and pasted together , transformed and  amalgamated as physical product  through the magic of  screen printing!

Al from Non Grata introduced us to an Estonian connection who specialises in  PDF to book  production. Now, some few months after the meeting, you can see some great results by Beat and Damien from Czentrifuga. Heres a link to some of the posters and manual pages in progress from the ever expanding Grundtvig Art catalogue!

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Grundtvig D.I.Y. / SWM Gizycko at WiatrakArt Gradzkie
Poland  16 – 22.07.2011

The 4th Common Meeting of the Grundtvig D.I.Y. European Learning Partnership was organized from 16th to 22 July 2011 by SWM- Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mazurska [Giżycko] and WatrakArt [Grądzkie] in Poland. SWM Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mazurska [Association Masurian Community] is an association which was established in 1991. In the nineties our activity was dedicated to the topic of “confrontation with our ethnic identity as Masurian”, and our aim was the protection of our cultural heritage. In 2007 a generation exchange took place, since then  we match our aim with the challenges of  todays world. Our informal partner is “WiatrakArt” Grądzkie [Kasia, Zyga, Karolina and Antek Waraksa], an art collective that is occupied mainly with poetry. Their means of expression are music, painting, icon writing and theatre performance.

We are committed to enhancing and deepening the quality of participation in culture. We pay close attention also to the publishing activities in the sphere of science and organic development in the Masuria region. The SWM  aims are pursued through the organization of "events" in the field of culture and art (the organization of concerts, exhibitions and other artistic activities), and wide-ranging environmental education and action to protect the environment. An important element of our business is cooperation and exchanges with other NGOs, who, like us, believe that the arts and education are able to fix the world....

Because the ‘little blue house’- our Jazz club and gallery space  in Giżycko and also the seat of  the SWM association,  has been rendered  un-usable since a  fire in the beginning of 2011, we decided to move the location of this Grundtvig D.I.Y. fourth meeting  to our friends  Wiatrak Artystyczny in nearby Grądzkie  in the magical heath and wild pasture next to the Wiatrak (Windmill). The Topic of the fourth meeting was „Fish in the Water“. Our region is essentially related with (still) wild nature and water (terrain of thousand lakes) and that is why we are looking for a prominent symbol of our region, which is settled in its natural environment. Theres no  no clearer and simple sign than the fish. Primacy in its primeval surroundings. A metaphor….

The purpose of the meeting was  to present our Masuren organizations to our new European  partners and introduce them  into our work and agenda. The main ongoing  activities were  in   the form of laminate workshops and participation, preparation and implementation of the concerts and theatre performances.

The meeting was attended by
Unter Druck e.V. Kultur von der Strasse e.V./Czentrifuga - Berlin, Germany
Gabba, Coost, Beat, Peter Rampazzo
Academia Gustviana Selts - Pärnu, Estonia
Al, Taje, Meeli, Ville and Cädly
Motorschiff Stubnitz e.V. - Rostok, Germany
Aaron, Silly, Bördiy
Kulturpark 3000 e.V. - Bad Salzuflen, Germany
Stephan, Alice, Kito, Margita.
Slam, organizacna jednotka obcianskeho zdruzenia "Fleda" - Turany, Slowakei

Tent clubbing:  
Two large  "pioneer" tents (the old Eastern European communist version of  boy scouts) were built around a central point in  the are of the windmill festival.  The one tent  served as workshop room and the other as a little mobile D.I.Y. gallery space. Pieces of work were exhibited by Czentrifuga.  The  setting for the meeting  was the Wiatrak Poetry festival which has been taking place annually for 16 years and presented by the Waraksa family featuring artists from  across Poland and neigbouring regions.
A small camp was provided for the Grundtvigians in the meadow in front of the windmill with a field kitchen and electricity supply. The kitchen was supplied with provisions and beverages every day and every afternoon there was a warm supper. The participants also prepared warm dishes on their own, which  served for a tasty  culinary exchange of experiences ( and the unforgettable "Schmorgurken" of Bördi and Silly !]
 The temporary encampment  was also equipped with provisional shower cabin, two ‘washbasins’ and one ‘WC shed’ with running water. During the building of this , an underground pipe burst which meant digging some several meters down  to isolate and fix the problem and  resulted  in the creation of  a small but deep pond directly  next to the main public way to the windmill event location.This new landmark served as a scenario for an interesting and at the same time quickly improvised performance by  Coost [see: film ‘Fish in The Water’].

The majority of the participants decided to spend the night on the campsite. Some also took advantage of nearby rooms in the little guest house in the village. That was for the benefit of charming night walks and for  integration of the Grundtvig teams also. Peter Rampazzo and Christoph designed and prepared a fire installation using  3 cubic meter of prepared wood. The practical lessons in chopping wood, campfire, fire lighting and fire keeping (to the dawn) also took place. The campfire served as central point for the Grundtvigsmeeting, where all people  meet, eat and discuss together and where main culture and thought exchange took place.

foto link

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Grundtvig D.I.Y.  at Divo Institute Kolin Czech Republic
Europe Days 6–9.05.11                     

The Divo Institute house is conceived as a living museum, each room has its own particular styling, with many paintings and installations made by Sonja and Mark ortheir invited guests. From the ten partners, Czentrifuga, Fleda, Slam, Kulturpark 3000, Divo, Non Grata managed to take part.

Open Workshop
Sonja from the Divo Institute produced a great blog to hype the occasion Hopefully the video clip we made about this meeting explains the significance of Elephants and all things Europe (Since then Peter Rampazzo from Interflug Galaktika recognised the connection with Hannibals elephant invasion of Europe.) Czentrifuga invited streetartist, screenprinter and subculture all rounder Urs “Mad Cows” from Bern, to coordinate a stencil making workshop and various stencils were produced throughout the day in the beautifull Divo garden. The large elephant cut-out shown in the video above was a spontaneous site specific idea made from cardboard , conveniently found in the trash from Divos brand new kitchen!
In keeping with theme of large animals Mark from the Divo Institute gave an informal workshop “Dance with the Dinosaur” - a reflection on curating alternative projects in large institutions. "be aware of the possibilities and loopholes, occupy and use holes in the system". He talked about his long experience in the squat scene in post -wall Berlin and then later, throughout Europe in "off-spaces" (non-commercial, non institutional, art spaces) One of Divos next projects will be setting up - a temporary autonomous space in Prague National Gallery in Oktober, installations, art, music, meeting, performance and party, the first time anything like this has been done in this prestigous location.

Audio/ Video documentary presented by o.s. Fléda from the last Grundtvig meeting on Stubnitz in Hamburg ... the brutal, comic truth about a Partnership still looking to find its feet.
Opening of the ”Around Background” (open for public)
Photo exhibition of 80´s Czechoslovak underground music scene with a presentation by Lenka Zogatová (o.s. Fléda)
Concert: Urband (CZ)  violin/guitar/double bass and vocal trio.
Dragan (Czentrifuga) made a great field recording and mixdown from this, you can
hear an excerpt in the video clip, and more at
Followed by Djs Miki Disc - Jockey (CZ) & Cindy Wonderfull (USA/Berlin)

Internal Workshop/Meeting
The meeting was more of a series of many smaller exchanges, which seems to be the way the partnership is developing. New patterns and new alliances emerge – friendly organisations sitting in, taking part in the discourse, bring new ideas and proposals for other ideas outside of the existing Grundtvig parameters. “Our organisation is an organism” Stephan (Kulturpark 3000) More tips, tricks and words of wisdom from Gabba (Czentifuga) "wann du immer auf alle wartest kommst du zum nix" which also reinforces a more de-centralised, less rigid, process of interaction and exchange.
Gabba presented the first finished pages from the Grundtvig D.I.Y. Manual „Cosmic Hospital“ .It was an opportunity for the Partners to easily see how to create page designs. Screenprinting does not lend itself to a lot of fine text print so, in this sense, the manual is more about visual representation of ideas, together with minimal, essential texts, logos or slogans. The idea is to incorporate all the interesting visual elements (fotos, drawings, graphic design etc) that express best the individual Partners and what they do. Partners are asked to think of a sentence or a phrase that describes their organisation.We look forward to having a beautiful artefact to show to future generations and make old Mr Grundtvig chuckle from his grave!
Five members of Non Grata dropped by en route from Paris to Piotrkow Trybunalski (Poland) as part of their intensive Diverse Universe Performance Festival tour. Although Aaron from the Stubnitz could not attend (busy sailing the Stubnitz ship!) we talked some more about the idea of the ship coming to Tallinn. Also taking part in the discussions and the stencil workshop were three members from the Küme art association in Turkey: Zeynep Pehlivan, Burak Baskin from Ankara and Hakan Pehlivan who teaches at the faculty of arts at the university in Kayseri.
To help make the Partnership more transparent amongst ourselves Stine (Czentrifuga) asked "What does every Partner do (an example) in the context of social interaction.This also links up with our Grundtvig Manual work in progress...
Iza from Stowarzyszenie Wspólnota Mazurska explained about how the long running Jazz Club "Galeria" in Giżycko had a fire. This building is one of the oldest in the town. Those present offered support in case they need help with the reconstruction or benefit actions.

With a ten Partner network its problematic to get each organisation present at meetings because of conflicting commitments, also, theres often a chaos factor due to travel delays. It seems that we need minimum three months advance notice about a future meeting to have a chance to get everyone present. In this sense, it makes sense for the Partners who still have to act as host that they look now for setting future dates for meetings? We forgot to take care of the attendance (mobilities) protokol which makes for unnessessary and tedious backtracking work afterwards. 
Czentrifuga has already made an exhibition and performance in Zurich thanks to getting connected  through the Partnership, it looks like they will be taking part at the Prague National Gallery in Oktober. In fact its quite tricky to keep track of all the many smaller exchanges that are happening , so many different dialogues ...things are going positively viral!
Stephan(Kulturpark 3000) has recently participated in making the final report for another Grundtvig Partnership. Some points he mentioned:
European Shared Treasure – This EU database gives a comprehensive overview of all the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships . Czentrifuga sunsequently uploaded a logo (thanks Simone!) and the Grundtvig D.I.Y. project description.
It's more sensefull to spread out the travelling (mobilities) evenly over the two year period.
Every partner should fill out a final report at the end of the two years, which is
available online.

Future Meetings
17 July 2011  Gizycko /Gradzkie (Poland)  This is an opportunity for both meeting and holiday combined! . We are invited to stay in Gradzkie at Kasia and Sigas beautiful farmhouse /windmill for the week following the Grundtvig activities  to enjoy the Masuren countryside, swimming, horse riding and the amazing local corner shop! 
Here's the suggested itinerary from Stowarzyszenie Wspoinota Mazurska:
Fr.15 July Arrival
Sa. 16 July Wiatrak (Windmill) Poetry Festival . This magical event happens for more than 15 years now.
So.17 July Grundtvig D.I.Y. Meeting

Oktober 2011 Kosice (Slovakia) This is an opportunity for the Partnership to meet
and also present our organisation at the “Spots” conference . This meeting is in preparation for the European Capital avtivities “Project Kosice Interface 2013” 
The main themes for the conference :
-Decentralisation of culture, taking culture from the city to the outskirts
(for example the large Romany communities in this area).
-Long term transformation of the city through culture.
-Developing creative industries.
-Support for civil society participation and communities.

September 08 2011 Berlin : 20 Years Unter Druck e.V / 10 Years Rohkultur (Czentrifuga a.k.a. Fleischerei)
Unter Druck e.V. is the parent organisation of Czentrifuga. This will be both a celebration and an awareness day event held on Leopold Platz, Wedding, Berlin. We could use this chance for a small meeting in case anyone would like to come over or maybe even take part? Ideally we would like to use the “Grundtvig Tent” for this?!

some more Stencil examples from the workshop here 


Grundtvig D.I.Y. on MS Stubnitz  Baakenhafen 
Hamburg  4 - 8 Januar 2011

MS Stubnitz is an ex fish trawler and factory ship built in Stralsund, in former East German in 1964. The ships homeport is Rostock on the Baltic coast and in 1992 the ship was bought for its scrap value by a group of European artists and designers who began the slow process of reconstruction which has led to Stubnitz becoming a  fully functioning moving cultural platform , having visited more than than ten European ports and having hosted thousands of live events, exhibitions and seminars. A perfect setting for the second Grundtvig D.I.Y. Meeting!

Ninety nine per cent of our Learning Partnership was represented, beginning with the initial "settling in" (the ship has around forty cabins for crew and guests) and informal discussions about the next days activities. Also, as the Stubnitz ship is very much a do-it-yourself project .. coordinating the help with cooking and cleaning!

There were three organised meetings. At the first , there were also small delegations from FSK ( the Hamburg free culture radio station, Jean-Hervé Péron from the legendary cult experimental “krautrock” band Faust together with his colleagues who organise the long-established Shiphorst Avant Garde Festival ( Also, present was Thierry Jaussoin representing the Lebanese avant-garde and experimental music association Acousmatik System / Stubnitz in MED (

This was a good opportunity for both Grundtvig DIY and the drop-in guests to explain a little more about their respective organisations. Some memories from the last (first) Grundtvig meeting were refreshed and for Ville Karel (Non Grata) it was an opportunity to meet and greet the partners for the first time. We also checked the steel container on the Stubnitz “Vordeck” to think about if we like the idea to fix it up and use it as a mobile object for the partnership.

At a second, smaller meeting in the “Offiziers Messe” we discussed website functionality preparing us for the final meeting where Noel (Stubnitz/Czentrifuga) presented our new Do-It-Yourself cms Web-zine idea , that all partners can use and develop, but first we had to agree on a domain name. Imagining end of February for the “launch”, this meant the name should be decided soon. A few names and ideas were discussed and, as no particular idea stood out , “Grundtvig D.I.Y.” which is a shortened version of our official partnership title became defacto the name for the Partnership. Noel proposed to give every Partner their own password and login information for the new website but his process didnt work out, mainly because of distractions due to preparation work for the coming activities and workshops so, instead, it was decided that every partner be given this info per email, giving everybody the chance to change passwords by themselves if necessary.
Towards the end of the Grundtwig two years period it is hoped that all partners will have had the chance to try the website functionality and upload infos themselves. As envisioned in our collective project description, there should be a “Web Report“ section on the website , which every hosting partner could make themselves and also a blog. (One year later, here it is!) Also important: to keep everybody updated between meetings so that workflow can be maintained which we hope the website will help to achieve.
Meanwhile, Gabba has started an open source Grundtvig foto platform which we can link to the website:
So far there are two folders of fotos on this site - from the first Berlin meeting and also @ Stubnitz. Thanks to Gabba, Marko (Czentrifuga) and Nina (Slam).

Open Workships on Stubnitz
-Czentrifuga Sticker Design Workshop: Results (Products) were presented at the next meeting in Kolin.
-Czentrifuga Screenprinting Workshop: Stubnitz-calendar being one of the results.
-Bastel Workshop: Costumes and accessoires from recycled plastic (for the following days performance)
-Stubnitz AV Workshop: This was split over two days , where partner members and interesetd members of the Rostock public were given the possibility to help in the process of live audio video production , including live camera and video mix plus a general overview how the A/V production works. The second part of the workshop on the following day, gave the participants the chance to check the previous days documentation and see how the post production and archiving functions .
The Stubnitz crew also presented their newly re-launched website and on-line archive (

Actions speak louder than words and site-specific improvisation and smaller group interactions seem to be the natural direction in which the Partnership is heading with a “work in progress” philosophy.
–Focus: It's difficult to keep the concentration focused in larger groups, especially as the main language spoken is English and not everyone attending understands whats being discussed. In this sense, we concluded that its not essential that everyone attend, just one or more persons that can speak for their respective group and communicate the results of the meeting(s) back to their organisations.
–Timing: its important that the host partner is not busy with setting up an event or busy with other commitments. The host should allow time for this in their schedule and set the agenda so that it suits them the best. Also, its important to watch that none of the Partner artists have commitments to rehearsals, performance or whatever, at the same time when the meeting is set.
When setting the agenda its good when the host can allow/suggest a time when its possible that the Partners get a chance to visit other projects or some local sight seeing etc. Also, not every partner organisationcan be represent for the entire programme of activities so its important to fix one main day for important Grundtvig matters with  one main meeting for example and  also the chance to get involved with at least one or more of the skill sharing activities/process.

Financial Plan:
In keeping with Grundtvig recommendations, it was again confirmed ,that Czentrifuga care for the ongoing management (including website) of the Partnership and to check that the Grundtvig requirements are being taken care of, for which each partner allocates a % from its budget.

Evaluation Forms:
This point was not talked about although. It become more and more important that we find a way to evaluate how the Partnership is working (or not). Instead of filling out a standard questionaire, perhaps its better to find a more creative and intuitive way to adress this point. For example, make a kind of game out of this – a multiple choice questionaire perhaps? Also, we imagine  our screenprintworks to represent and  describe  some of our collected experiences.

Future Plans:
Czentrifuga has initiated working on a collective screenprint magazine / manual “Cosmic Hospital”. As the idea develops and pages are prepared all Partners will have a chance to join in the process either at meetings, via internet or through smaller group travels and interactions over the next months. Divo Mark suggested the idea to buy a large tent in which we can collectively present the partnership through exhibition, music and performance. Its essential to seek to make exchanges with local public and present our achievements to the public (sharing our knowledge and skills) and something like a large tent could be used as a platform to present what we do and include interested local people, groups and organisations. 
Of course we are still in the process of reaching a common understanding between Partners, but its good to focus on this point now for when we make future activities. The idea to use the industrial  metal container we spotted on the Stubnitz for this purpose would require more funding so we decided to keep that idea as a seperate issue for later.

Next Meeting(s) 2011
May 7 Kolin /Czech Republic, hosted by Divo.
July 18 Gizycko/Poland.hosted by Stowarzyszenie Wspolnota Mazurska,
Autumn 2011: As Košice / Slovakia with the possibility to make a stop en route at Zilina where its possible to meet an interesting local D.I.Y styled organisation ("Stanica-Zarecie" – Košice is an interesting location as, like two of our Partners, Giżycko and Dublin, its near to the EU Border. This area is particularly interesting as there is a large Roma population, and one gets a feeling of being out of time or in a different world...

There was a lot of music and performance over these “Manifesto” days . The production of a live event helps give a basis and form to the Grundtvig meetings and promote chances for immediate "zusammenarbeit". The Stubnitz ship can hold around 700 people and has four areas in which to make events. The Stubnitz crew documented the events as usual and the Slam organisation and their invited guests were busy with their own documentaion - the comic and brutal truth behind a new partnership  in the process of finding an identity!  The 14 minute film  was later presented at the next meeting in Kolin and now here in this blog!

7+8 Januar 2011 "Grundtwig D.I.Y. Manifesto" Programme:
Exhibition: Palo Cejka (SLO) linoleum cut prints & Czentrifuga screenprint exhibition
The Family Waraksa Band (PL) folk rock
KOMO (Bavaria)
Bruce Lee & Masha (SK/PL) hip hop + slam poetry/rap
DJ Reverend (SK) eclectic style
Stubnitz Sealectors (Y4HK) ships crew djs

Czentrifuga All Stars (Berlin)- performance live printing, music and costume  featuring
Gogo Trash, Fake Mistress, Beat me X, Gabba Reifenstihl,Damien Tran, Coost Lardy Cake & members of the public .
Fake & Reifenstihl - experimental noise and loops performance
Ed n Ed n Piper - punk jazz
Grundtvigians Jam Band (open stage , open mic.)
Yximallo (JAPAN) - strange sound world
Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit (USA/FRA) - performance : "Twist of Fate"

International Rave Up!
Djs-Destooy A.K.A. Dubdub ( Japan), Yaya 23 (Cyberrise/Berlin),
Rumplesteel (A.P.A. /Berlin) 
Live Sets :D.D.R. a.k.a. Triphazard (Stay Up Forever Recs./UK) Olive (France)
Teknoseeker (Italy).


Learning Partnership Kick Off Meeting

The first kick off  meeting for our “Do It Yourself! - Self Empowerment Through Skill Sharing” learning partnership took place at Czentrifugas homebase in Kreuzberg Berlin on the 23rd and 24th September 2010. Nine of the ten partners (roughly 30 people) managed to attend.
Generally , the most productive talks were off-record, ranging from informal to intense , and held within smaller ad hoc groups throughout the two days. The fundamental points were, however, adressed collectively within one main meeting, later to be summarised in a protocol which was later mailed to each of the ten partners . As most of the partners were meeting each other for the first time, each partner explained a little  about their respective organisations.
The main language spoken in the meeting was English which was by no means a perfect solution but the main points were eventually translated and disseminated amongst the participants (for example for the Polish and Czech people attending, it was no problem for them to communicate amongst themselves in their native languages as they are quite similiar)
The fundamental points of order were adressed in this meeting,such as the fact that the Grundtvig organisation requires a documented evaluation from each of its projects. Stephan Kruhl, representing Kulturpark 3000 and also the partnerships Grundtvig application advisor commented that during the forthcoming two years , one aim of the partnership should be to find a way to do an evaluation that is appropriate and fitting to the nature of the partnership. An evaluation form is suggested as it is easy way to get feedback and establish a project overview, giving the partners the possibility to comment on different subjects and help to prepare for upcoming meetings.
It was agreed that there should be a meeting at each partners location and there was  an  agreement on three future General meetings-
January 2011: MS Stubnitz in either Hamburg or Rostock
May 2011: 3 cities link up :   Kolin - Brno - Bratislava
July 2011: Gyzyzko (Poland) Poetry Festival
Here are some examples of our collective brainstorming and about how we all imagined the future  in terms of  mutual cooperation.
Gabba (Czentrifuga) “We should enjoy this partnership, We should use the time, the funding, the potential of all partners to make an impact – social, artistic. It is an opportunity, it is a pleasure – we should enjoy it”
Olivia + Beat (Czentrifuga) “Downsizing our Berlin operation in anticipation of  pursuing a more mobile network”
Aaron (MS Stubnitz) - “Each  Partner selects one (or more?) art project(s)  (music, video, paint, print, poetry multimedia or..?)  which will then visit /tour  the other partners' countries”
Stephan (Kulturpark3000) ”We should use the opportunity of this partnership, the funding and time, to create – according to aims and objectives of this partnership – follow-up projects and raise new, additional funding for these projects”
Aaron (MS Stubnitz) “Establish sub groups/blocks - specifically, a  "Cash Block" Those in the partnership proficient and/or  interested in looking for other forms of funding and sponsorship...Governmental, private, corporate...." This prompted the question: What other "Blocks" or "Sub-Groups" can be established?
Coost (Czentrifuga) “How about taking on new partners that we will meet on our travels ? is there a (Grundtwig) procedure for this ?”
Stephan (Kulturpark3000) “It's not possible to integrate new members into an ongoing partnership – (they would have no chance to get funding through their National agencies )But we may cooperate with any partner we want to and can integrate those partners into a new learning partnership in 2012”
Coost suggested the possibility of linking up with Thierry Jausson who is connected to the MS Stubnitz and is  based in Egypt working with the  North African experimental music scene and is coordinating selected  projects  to perform and make live production on the ship.
Nik (Fair Tunes)  soon to be travelling to Algeria to set up a community based recording studio facility "we would all learn by everybodys mistakes"
Beat (Czentrifuga) in contrast to  inner city, urban culture , remarked on the  "soft power"  which is afforded by places such as the remotely situated  Gyzyzko on Polands Eastern border ,where nature is an integral part of the local culture.
Coost (Czentrifuga) Our Gyzyzko Partner  is already making  art/cultural exchanges with Kaliningrad.  There are already  discussions about relaxing the Polish/Russian border in this region to allow for communication between the peoples of this area.....Maybe as end-festival we sail the MS Stubnitz to Kaliningrad  for 2012?
Antoin (Archway studios) also mentioned his connection  to the Irish countryside and the possibility of not only visiting Dublin but also linking up with remote  "soft power" organisation(s)   This could be interesting to compare and contrast  activities  on the extreme Eastern border (Poland) and the extreme West (Ireland)

We discussed different ideas about setting up a shared Mobile Culture Center, something that is transportable , a small container perhaps or even something that fits in a rucksack, or perhaps exists only on the net. It was agreed that Czentrifuga take care of the administration of the Learning Project.Once the formalities, protocol and hand shakes were complete, the partners had time to see some of the Berlin sights and witness and participate in the Czentrifuga event the following day.

24:09 Czentrifuga @ Mariannenplatz Closing  Event 
"Es Gibt Kein Zurück" 
This public event was to be the last in the Kreuzberg location, it was a fitting end to an intensely productive time and from the downsizing of this large project was formed another (Grundtvig D.I.Y.).
Essentially, there were two screenprint exhibtions , a "kunst markt", five live acts, four Djs, three art installations plus a performance from Gogo Trash and SP38 whereby the audience were encouraged to participate in an  ufo landing  ritual . Impressions from the event are summarised in the accompanying video clip, and also on the Czentrifuga online foto archives (thanks to Gabba and also Marko Krojac (who also volunteered to cook for this meeting..yum, yum!)